UMT-12는 고전압 square pulser로부터 나온 신호를 디지털로 변환하여 signal averaging, FFT와 같은 기능을 수행할 수 있는 소프트웨어 패키지를 포함하고 있는 컴퓨터 내장형 보드이다. 사용자는 실험 및 측정하는데 알맞도록 소프트웨어를 modify할 수 있다.

UMT-12의 주요 사양
 Square Wave Pulser   40 to 550 ns, 2 ns step
  Voltage   50 to 300V, 1V step
  Rise time   20 ns at 50 W
  Damping   fixed 50 W or continuously variable 50 to 500 W
  Repetition frequency
  A/D mode software controlled, free run mode 160...2000 Hz, in
  1Hz steps
  Transducers mode   single T/R mode or two transducers.
  Gain   0...60 dB, adjustable in 0.25 dB steps.
  Bandwidth   50 kHz...10 MHz, (optionally 50 kHz...20 MHz)
  Additional gain of
  TCG amplifier
  0...20dB,(optionally 0...40dB)
  Four filtering value   zero, short, medium and long.
  Blockade range   0.4 mm... 3 m in 0.4 mm steps.
  Non-linearity   HF output-0.2 dB, LF Output-0.3 dB
  Amplifier gain drift,
  long term
  0.1 dB for 8 hr operation
  Additional scope
  signal 0...2 Vpp, sync. delay 0.2 ms ... 3 ms
  Suppression   0...80%, "classic" and "constant amplitude"
 Measurement Gate
  Position and duration
  0.4 mm...3 m, in 0.4 mm steps
  Automatic amplitude
  0 ... 2V, 0.01V step
  Automatic distance
  (time) measurements
  resolution 0.04 mm, (14 ns)
  - at a set threshold within the gate ;
  - with a selected threshold (0...100% display height)
  - with a constant fraction threshold (0.1...0.9 pulse height)
  Acoustic alarm   with an autonomous logic and an independent threshold set
  (5...95% of display height)
 Analog/Digital Conversion
  Resolution   8 bit
  Sampling frequency   72 MHz (special versino 88 MHz)
  Sampling buffer   8 ... 32 kB
  Material Range  continuously - 0.1mm...3 m (for steel, longitudinal wave),
 in steps : 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 and 640 mm
  Time (distance)
  scale non-linearity

UMT Demo Program

UMT - 12 Demo Program 
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