RAM-5000 Pulsed NQR System  Diagram 


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NQR을 사용하고 있는 모습 
Graph represents nuclear 
magnetic resonance
Solenoid type coil sensors, used for Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance experiment 

 Model : RAM-5000-0.25-7-5KW-G1-I1 Mark VI system including
  RM-113B synthesizer module
  RM-37 Timing module modified to produce a double pulse
  RM-25B receiver
  RM-55 phase detector and IF oscillator
  RM-106A gated integrator module
  ADAC-5632 data acquisition card
    (or a Sealevel 8001 data acq. card)
  PAB-0.1-20Q : High impedance, broadband pre-amplifier
    modified for NQR use
  NMAT-1-5, Low frequency NQR matching network

NQR Matching network 
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Click here for the specifications of
RAM-5000 NQR system.