SP-801 Square Wave Pulser 
  High Voltage, Low Impedance, Fast Rise and Fall time Pulser
  Output Adjustable from -50 to 400 volts
  Peak Current Output as high as 50 amperes
  Drives Transducers from 400 kHz to above 10 MHz
  Accepts High Voltage Triggers from Standard Spike Generators
 The SP-801 produces negative high power square pulses with fast rise and fall times with an
 extremely low output impedance (~ 4 Ohms). The pulse width can be precisely matched
 (continuously variable) to the half period of the frequency (400 kHz to 20 MHz) of an ultrasonic
 transducer. This maximizes the energy transfer and signal-to-noise ratio for a given voltage
 output and is, therefore, significantly more effective than a spike pulser. This is especially true at
 low frequencies. The output level is adjustable in 2-dB steps, from -400 Volts down to -50 Volts. 





BR-640 Broadband Receiver 
  Broadband Radio Frequency Receiver for use with Pulsed Ultrasonic Instrumentation where
  excellent linearity along with Fast recovery from overload and good noise figure are required

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  64dB Gain
  76dB Gain Control
  Wide Frequency Range
  Adjustable Frequency Response
  Overload Protection and Fast Recovery

 The BR-640 is a modestly high gain broadband RF receiver specifically designed for use in
 ultrasonic systems. It features a bandwidth extending from 100 kHz to 50 MHz with an adjustable
 gain of -12 to 64 dB. It has a low noise figure with both high and low input impedances plus
 selectable high and low pass filters for bandwidth control. The BR-640 has fast recovery while still
 being protected against severe overload, allowing its use in a pulse echo (single transducer) type
 of operation.